Work: Illustration, Writing, Design
Year: 2022

Details: During the summer of 2022, I worked with a group of talented artists from ArtCenter College of Design in the Type + Authorship class to create DROWN GOOD DROWN. The eight of us wrote poignant stories and created art that we poured out straight from our hearts.

Through this 14 week project, we wrote on the theme of Water, and ended up with very personal stories, whether they were true experiences from life or fictional worlds. 

I also worked directly with the printers at L.A. Web in order to get the finalized copy to print in a correct and timely manner.

After completing the publication and printing 500 copies at L.A. Web, we did a reading at Jones Coffee in Pasadena on August 18, 2022.

Our art director and I went to Berlin and distributed it at Motto Books, sold here:

Scroll down to check out some spreads I worked on ︎︎︎

© Becky Jin Young Seo