Client: Jasmine Tse
Work: Podcast Cover Illustration + Design
Year: 2022

Details: My friend Jasmine @jasmineytse wrote, reported, and produced a podcast called called BORROWED. It’s about the literary community in Hong Kong, with in-depth insight about the current socio-political climate of censorship and books in HK.

In working together to create the cover art, we would call and discuss these topics, and through our conversations we came up with the name Borrowed—as HK was like a borrowed book from the mainland, only to be returned to their possession.

Jasmine really puts our freedoms into perspective through this podcast, and I’m incredibly proud and honored to have been a small part of this project, as Jasmine’s long time friend and fellow book-lover.


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Idea Sketch, Color Test, Final Sketch

First Ideations:

Test sketches before final piece, communicating with Jasmine about the concept of the podcast, with the idea of borrowing library books in mind.

© Becky Jin Young Seo